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        New Thinking Fashion(Hong Kong)Ltd was founded. At that time, New Thinking just worked as agency of the overseas customers, and main products New Thinking engaged in are the products in silk fabric and genuine leather.


         In year of 2002, benefit from new regulation for import and export company establishing, New Thinking Fashion(China) Ltd was registered as a foreign trade company in Shanghai. The company's capacity was enhanced much through the platform.


         With the cancellation of Textile and ready-garments quota system, New Thinking’s Product category is extended to all kinds of woven garments. New Thinking’s sales were increased much through its OEM business.


         New Thinking got its first chance to work with one of its customer in ODM business. After that, New Thinking acquired more ability and confidence with its ODM business. The proportion of ODM business has been increasing year by year. As more and more overseas customers asked for ODM business , New Thinking has been increasing its investment in design, research and development to meet the demand.


         New Thinking established its own IT Department to develop procurement system software, which has been applied in the procurement management already. New Thinking also plans to refine the system continuously, and finally achieve a high degree of information management.


         In view of new trend of Chinese Fashion industry shifting, New Thinking started to establish its own production bases in inner China such as Anhui, Jiangxi and Hubei province. Meanwhile, under guide from Beijing Chang Song Consultant, New Thinking has reformed its construction, and established a new company organization system.


         Benefit from the establishment of comprehensive organization, New Thinking intends to make more efforts to develop both domestic and international market. Meanwhile, to get its much competitive position, New Thinking will also develop its supply channel in Vietnam and other countries in South-east Asia to get the lower cost.


         New Thinking Garments locates in central China – Xiping, Henan province, where is the populous area in China. New Thinking Garments situated in Luozu Garments concentrated town of Xiping country, which is the top project of Henan provincial government. The project covers an area of 67 hectares and with infrastructure in good condition and supporting facilities for garments production.